As you know, the unidentified roots of conflict can undermine marriage counseling if couples don’t know how to resolve these situations. Through Imago Therapy, fewer sessions are needed to get to the causes of disconnection and most conflict situations. In Imago Relationship Therapy, we believe that individuals can be wounded in relationships, which results in hidden trigger points and frozen needs. Healing of both the individual and the relationship happen when we learn how to create emotionally safe connections with each other.

We believe that people should be enabled to heal their lives on their own, rather than becoming dependent on a relationship with a therapist. Imago Relationship Therapy empowers couples and individuals with tools, skills and principles to deepen their relationships and resolve conflict in their lives.

What can Imago Relationship Therapy do for you?

We help people to normalize and make sense of most of the distress that happens in relationships, even though there is a clear need for change.

We promote connection and emotional intimacy in a relationship without losing the sense of your self in the process.

We increase your capacity for compassion, even when you don’t like what your spouse or partner does.

We help couples to respect the needs of both partners, and open up more possibilities for win-win approaches to conflict resolution.



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